TransferDeck is an effective solution to pre-process data and organize visual material for various sales segments of your business. Maintaining a separation between multiple systems makes it possible for any data to be viewed and modified without customizing your costly core systems.

Our no-contract software as a service system permits to efficiently create custom conversion systems, helpful for lowering technical expenses in your company.

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information to your current data set without modifying your source system
and automate processed data efficiently from one system to another system
and organize all the images for your company's products online
data from one system to another without modifying your current infrastructure


TransferDeck allows to create customized conversions that will convert your data inline with your unique business requirements. Each conversion is assigned to a template for straight forward get up and running.




TransferDeck allows to upload your product assets and connect them to your inventory system. These images are then offered as a CDN to both streamline your website setup as well as keep your separation of concerns and your site working efficiently. You are able to set image size profiles and our system will process your images per your unique requirements. 




TransferDeck allows to upload data from your local network and have it accessible from various conversions


A great feature from TransferDeck is you are able to add new data and merge it with your inventory file. This allows to give your data new features without upgrading your very expensive accounting programs. 




TransferDeck offers a offset inventory control - avoid costly accounting micro updates to keep your inventory up-to-date. Our system allows to adjust specific SKUS in an offset manner. I.e. when you validated your inventory you realized the you didn't have 20 Medium and 30 Large, but rather 5 medium and 45 large. Our systems easily allows to offset your inventory to -15 Medium / +15 large. So as your inventory keeps adjusting with ongoing sales, the exact number will continue to be correct. Tomorrow after 2 medium sales = we now have 18 medium (then transferDeck - 15) = 3 REAL medium physical inventory items


Data (converted data from your inventory OR images in various formats) can be exported to various sources. 




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