Push changes to Vendor Grid

# 1 > After the images have been processed

Previous steps can be found here: http://www2.transferdeck.com/Pages/doc/Finalize_images 

# 2 > Conversions

Click on “Conversions” -> scroll to the bottom. Then click 'Save' then 'Push' (This pushes the new file to vendorgrid)

# 3 > Switch to Vendorgrid

Login to vendor grid

# 4 > Switch users

Switch users by clicking “Company” at the top main menu, then click “Switch to …[Company name]”

# 5 > Settings

Click on “Settings” (main top menu) - > “Category Visibility” (grey submenu)

# 6 > Password and Season activation

Set the password for the new season, (or ensure the password exists) and click to make the public and retailer green (active)

# 7 > Settings

View the public store and ensure the new styles appear.