Process Overview

This guide will go through how to add new products to transferDeck -> VendorGrid
-> This will allow you to sell new products online

# 1 > Prepare CSV file

All data is kept in a CSV file which has all the information about your company.
-> To add new products you can simply ADD new rows to your CSV file and add the appropriate information 
->We recommend to use LibreOffice to edit CSV documents

IMPORTANT: Ensure you do not add quotes (' " / -) to any filenames, product names, colours, sizes, etc. 
-> You CAN add these to the Short description, long description without any issues

# 2 > Before Changes

The page before Any changes The looks like this

# 3 > Data

First download the template file
-> Logon to TransferDeck.com
-> Click 'Data' on the side menu
-> Choose the data location (if only one location click that)
-> You are now viewing all the data files on the system
-> Download the most recent template file -> Click to download

# 4 > Libre Office

Open your CSV file with LibreOffice
-> We recommend you use the program: LibreOffice | Download from: https://www.libreoffice.org | This program minimized issues with CSV file (character sets / encoding etc)
-> You first will be presented with a verify window to ensure you open the file with the correct settings
-> Normally files are 'unicode UTF-8' and 'Comma' delimited.
-> Ensure it looks correct in the bottom => If it doesn't look correct adjust the settings above
-> Click 'OK' to open


# 5 > Google Docs

Another option to EDIT your CSV files is Google Docs
-> This is very easy since it is all online
-> Click 'NEW' -> File Upload OR if you are already in a google docs click File -> file import

When the file opens in Google Docs
-> you are now ready to edit the file

When you are done editing the file
-> Click 'File' > Download as > Comma-separated values (.csv current sheet)

# 6 > Modify CSV

You are now viewing the CSV file
-> Ensure you do NOT change the headings on the first row = These are required for transferDeck to function

You can modify any row
-> This lets you change the data 

You can ADD new data
-> This lets you add new data to transferDeck 
-> Simply add new rows at the end of the data with the new information 

# 7 > Rename file

When you are done modifying the file 
-> SAVE AS -> a new name (this will prevent that you overwrite the template file on transferDeck)
-> Keep the naming convention the DATE (YYYY-MM-DD) with a hyphen and add any description that will help you know the state of the file: EG you can create the file 2017-09-20-Added_NewDelivery.csv
-> IMPORTANT: do not use spaces within the file instead you can use _ (underscores)

To re-upload
-> navigate to TransferDeck.com
-> Data -> choose location 
-> Click choose file
-> Click Upload
-> You will now see your new file uploaded
-> Because the data is newer then the previous it is at the top of the list (For conversion that auto pull files by date this is important or transferDeck will auto pull in OLD data)

# 8 > Verify file

After you upload the file you can click 'Test compatability' to ensure the file was saved correctly from your computer
-> Notice all the columns look the same as from your LibreOffice

# 9 > Missing Images

After uploading the file,
Click Converstions -> Persistent -> View



# 10 > Upload Images

Simply drag and drop to each image that is missing and
click ‘upload’ (do each image one by one)
-> This will auto resize your image when you uplaod

# 11 > Process Images

Images will AUTOMATICALLY be processed into web formats
-> However you can also force Images -> Montrea / 2018 -> button Process CDN

# 12 > Push

when you are done your changes, you can push this to your store

Click Conversions -> Persistent -> PUSH

# 13 > Store is Updated

The missing images are now displaying on the site.

Products WITHOUT images will not be shown.