Upload Images

# 1 > Step 1

Login to transferdeck.com, then click on "Conversions" in the top menu

# 2 > Step 2

Scroll down the list, to find the company/season you need. "Images" should be in the "Name" column. Once you've found that row, click the "View" link on the left

# 3 > Step 3

You should now be on the "Missing Images" page. Choose a listing and click "Choose File" to choose an image from your computer. After choosing your image, click the "Upload" button. Note: It is recommended that you keep the image height less then 2000 pixels.

# 4 > Step 4

You'll see once you've clicked "Upload", the listing has disappeared from the list. This means the image uploaded successfully. You can see your new image by clicking the "Manage Images" link at the top

# 5 > Step 5

You should now see the uploaded images below the "IMAGES - UPLOAD Company: [...etc]" text