Send Encrypted links to image lists

You can use TransferDeck to send encrypted links with the full image list for each season. 

This is a great way to allow your customers to see your complete image list (even before you have finalized it into your online store)

# 1 > Choose season

After you login to TransferDeck.com
-> Click on images
-> Click on folders
-> Click View under the desired season

# 2 > Public link

You are now viewing all the images for the desired season
-> Click the link 'PublicLink' to open a new encrypted window

# 3 > Copy link

Right click in the address bar
-> and click 'Copy'
-> The link is now in your clipboard


# 4 > Paste link

You can now send this encrypted link in an E-Mail
-> Right click in your email and choose PASTE
-> This will add an encrypted link which your customers can view