Adjustments to inventory

# 1 > navigate to transferdeck Login v2

Navigate to transferdeck.com -> Login V2

# 2 > Access to Persistent


2 ->Click PERSISTENT from the drop down list.





# 3 > Select Client (Adjustments Inventory)

 -> On the Right side Screen, Look for Adjustments Inventory for the right Client Name  

-> And click 'view'


# 4 > Adjust Inventory and Update

-> Now look for right product, size and season
-> Add the Quantiy to be adjusted
-> Choose the RECEIVED dropdown:
Y from accounting it is available (For sale on website)
N from accounting it is NOT available (Coming soon on website)
YES it is being forced available in transferDeck (for sale) 
NO it is being forced NOT available in transferDeck (Coming soon)
-> Click Update


# 5 > In public view

-> if Received showing as 'N',  'Coming soon' label will appear on top of the image in public site