Launch new SEASONS

Each season in TransferDeck includes 'conversions' which allow to prepare all the required information for each season. 
-> You can view Conversions by either DATE or PERSISTENT

DATE: this is all the new product information, marketing info 

PERSISTENT: This is reports which span the entire company EG export to vendorGRID, this is done for all seasons not just ONE season, so we store this conversion as PERSISTENT

# 1 > View Conversions

To view the conversions (REPORTS to organize everything)
-> Click 'Conversions' on the left side and then choose either 'Persistent' OR 'By Date'

# 2 > Conversions by date

Here are all the recent conversions by DATE
-> Notice the division and other info about each one. 
-> Notice the SEASON "PRE SPRING 2018" 
-> You can click 'VIEW','PRINT','EMAIL',etc. which will display and allow you to interact with the report / conversion

If you want to launch a new SEASON
-> Click 'Duplicate' for each conversion and change the season to the NEW SEASON name
-> Duplicate as many conversions / reports that exist for each DIVISON, notice that it is possible to have mutliple divisions. 

# 3 > Conversions EDIT

After you have duplicated a CONVERSION (to create a new season)
-> You can EDIT and change the SEASON in CONVERSION VARIATION

NOTE: if you do not know the exact spelling for the new season, you can view it in the RAW DATA
->  Side menu -> DATA -> VIEW -> yourLocation -> Click to Download

FOR TESTING: (if a single file was sent before the automated file was added)
Set the Data location: Temp
Set filename to 'newest'
-> OR you can also define a specific filename that exists in Temp (Data -> View) eg 20180112_085448_Spring18.csv

FOR LIVE: (When the new data is added to the automated momentis daily file)
Set the Data location: Momentis
Set filename to 'newest'


# 4 > Create new IMAGE FOLDER

A new folder for the images also needs to be created


In the appropriate DIVISION
-> click "Create New Season..."