Launch changes to VendorGrid

After all images have been uploaded and all description have been added
-> Using the Conversions 

It is now time to push all the information to VendorGrid (So it can be sold ONLINE)


# 1 > Before

Before pushing your information to VendorGrid
-> Ensure you have added your images and they are all converted to the required sizes (all green)

Normally the system creates the images automatically
-> if any issues click the link: Process (CDN) and this will manually create the images to be displayed online
-> Repeat until all is green and the message displays zero

# 2 > PUSH data

You are now ready to push data to VendorGrid
-> Click Conversions 
-> Click Persistent
-> Click PUSH

This will PUSH all the information and changes to VendorGrid
-> And your new products will now be sold ONLINE

# 3 > View ONLINE

You can now view all your new products on your LIVE website


# 4 > OPTIONAL: if issues login to VendorGrid

You can verify on VendorGrid the data that was imported
-> Logon to www.VendorGrid.com
-> Click Login
-> After you login: Choose your company you want to manage and click 'Swith to....'

Other information is also on this page including the data the last data file was automatically imported from TransferDeck into VendorGrid

# 5 > OPTIONAL: Restore previous version

To view the data which you imported 
-> Click 'Products'
-> You are now viewing all the data files which were imported
-> The green displays the currently ACTIVE data set / which data it was imported

If you have any issues with a new imported dataset you can QUICKLY go back to a previous data file
-> Simply click 'Activate' on a White row from the past
-> You are now using a previous dataset without any issues. 
-> This gives you time to figure out the issue and continue to sell products online during the time and avoid downtime.