Copy manually into Spreadsheet

TransferDeck features conversions that export as CSV -> that can be imported into any spreadsheet program. 

However there are times when you need to manually copy data into a spreadsheet
-> eg if you have character set issues where accents display weird this will be ideal

# 1 > VIEW

After logging into TransferDeck
-> Click Conversions
-> Choose either Persistent OR Date
-> Click 'VIEW' next to the report you want to copy

# 2 > COPY

You now see a white screen with all the info on this specific report

-> Simply click 'CTRL+A' (mac: Command+A) - Which will select all the text on the screen
-> Click 'CTRL+C' OR mac COMMAND+C - This will copy the entire page into your clipboard

# 3 > Open spreadsheet

We recommend "LibreOffice" https://www.libreoffice.org for opening CSV files and XLS files
-> but you can use your favourite program as well. 

-> Open Calc and you will see an empty window
-> Push 'CTRL+V' OR mac: COMMAND+V OR file -> edit -> paste
-> On LibreOffice you get the prompt for option accept the default

NOTE: allow some time to pass if you copied a large amount of data

# 4 > PASTED

Your content has now been pasted into your spreadsheet program

You can now save as -> change file type to Microsoft excel (if you want to have others open with Excel only)
-> Or you can SAVE AS -> CSV which is an open format that is able to open on many programs

NOTE: Notice in our example we need to clean up the first 2 rows since they are causing issues
-> So we are going to delete the first 2 rows so the column headers are in row 1

# 5 > Clean-up

It is easy to clean up the first 2 rows which will ensure the column headers start at row 1
-> Simply use your mouse to select on the numbers to choose the first 2 rows

Notice your file now has the column headers in the first row
-> This now ensures filtering and sorting works without issues.