Organizing Images Using - Missing / Misspelled

TransferDeck can be used for exception reporting, to track down missing images efficiently.

Eg if your source data changes the location, season, or data changes, it is easy to use the missing / misspelled report to move images to the correct location. 

# 1 > Load up report

Load the missing / misspelled report

If you do not have a missing / misspelled report yet, following the instructions here


# 2 > Re-assign images

Using the drop-down in the section 'misspelled' you can re-assign the image to the appropriate location. 

eg if the season has changed, this will allow you to choose the new season.

In this example the colour has changed, so we are using the drop down to find the correct spelling:

NOTE: After you click to open the drop down, you can quickly type the first few characters of the style number and it will jump to that location. At that point you can slowly find the correct style. 

When you have assigned the correct image you can click the 'Make changes' button to make the changes on the server. 
-> You can assign several images before you click make changes to save time. 

# 3 > Update the 'back' after the front

First re-assign the front of the image and when you are done then re-assign the backs

The backs of the images will be at the TOP of the dropdown preceded with a *

Choose the correct back image and click the button 'Make changes' 
NOTE: you can re-assign several images before clicking the make changes button. 

# 4 > Complete

After you click 'Make changes' you will receive a message at the top of the screen indicating how many images were renamed / moved on the server. 

You now have efficiently moved images on the server based on your raw data.