How to download Magento CSV files

TransferDeck can export Magento files that you can use to import a new season. Follow the instructions how to access TransferDeck and export the CSV files.

# 1 > Step 1

Access www.transferDeck.com

# 2 > Step 2

To change the season that is exported for the CSV files, first click 'settings' on the top menu

# 3 > Step 3

Then scroll down and edit the 'magento.season' and 'magento.division' per your requirements. The CSV files you now export will be altered per this setting.

# 4 > Step 4

Click conversions on the top menu

# 5 > Step 5

Magento are a custom export > click on the left side click "custom"

# 6 > Step 6

Choose where the data is from > Click 'Momentis'

# 7 > Step 7

The top of the list is the most recent data file. Click 'download' for each magento section to download the CSV file