Upload and Manage Images for seasons

How to manage images on TransferDeck

You ONLY need to upload ONE high quality image and TransferDeck will auto adjust all the images per your 'Images -> Image Conversions'
-> Image Conversions are setup by the web developer to match the target website. Unless you change your website these image sizes can remain the same ongoing. 

# 1 > 6

Click on conversions
-> Click 'By Date' from the sub menu
On the correct season click 'VIEW' (missing & misspelled

NOTE: New seasons need to be prepared in advance (contact support)

# 2 > 7

Here is where you will upload your images. Click "Choose File" to select a file from your computer

# 3 > 8

Select the file you wish to add, and click the "Choose" button

# 4 > 9

Click "Upload" to add the image

# 5 > 10

Now you can add the missing images in the "Missing Angles". Repeat the same steps as before (#7: click "Choose File" etc.)

This concludes the normal useage. The following steps are for advanced use only.

# 6 > 11 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

To add different size versions for the images you have uploaded, click "Images"->"Image Conversions"

# 7 > 12 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

Click "Add"

# 8 > 13 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

Add a name for the version, and the dimensions you wish to use (e.g "200" for 200 pixels)

# 9 > 14 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

After adding the different sizes, click "Images"->"Folders"

# 10 > 15 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

Click "View" 

# 11 > 16 (ADVANCED: Manually process CDN)

After all images have been uploaded, click "Images" - > "Process CDN"

# 12 > 17 (ADVANCED: Manually process CDN)

The images have now been processed

# 13 > 1

Click "Conversions" then "Add"

# 14 > 2 (ADVANCED: Settings)
  • Add a name
  • Set Template to: "Missing & Misspelled"
  • Filename: Write 'newest'
  • Conversion Variation: Write in the division/season (from the column you marked as 'division' in the CSV)
  • Image base: Write in the site's URL
  • Specify the row for the starting date as per the current spreadsheet (usually this is  will be row#2 as the title is row #1)

Leave everything else as is, and click "Submit" at the bottom

# 15 > 3 (ADVANCED: Settings)

Click "Assign" 

# 16 > 4 (ADVANCED: Settings)

Use the dropdowns to assign the raw data to the required fields

# 17 > 5 (ADVANCED: Settings)

After clicking the "SAVE" button, click one of the dropdowns to make sure none of the remaining items have an asterisk beside them.

For example: Product name should read as "productName" and not "*productName"


If everything looks good, click "Persistent" at the top