Change product descriptions

After you have prepare the content you can make small product description adjustements
-> These will appear on your LIVE store (3rd party of vendorGrid.com)

# 1 > Search

Click 'Additions' on the side menu
-> Now click in the top right search box
-> Type in the product you want to modify
-> Push Enter to perform the search
-> Click 'EDIT' next to the product you want to modify 

# 2 > Change text

You can now change the text in the text box
-> Click Save when done

NOTE: If you are pasting content from another source you might want to use 'paste without formatting' 
-> WINDOWS: CTRL+ALT+V -> then if you see a popup choose 'unformatted text'
-> This will ensure your text doens't have any formatting 

# 3 > PUSH

If you are using VendorGrid
-> Click Conversions
-> Click Persistent
-> Click 'PUSH' on the VendorGrid row (for the company you wish to update)

# 4 > Updated

The description has now been updated on the LIVE website