Manage Images

How to manage images on TransferDeck

You ONLY need to upload ONE high quality image and TransferDeck will auto adjust all the images per your 'Images -> Image Conversions'
-> Image Conversions are setup by the web developer to match the target website. Unless you change your website these image sizes can remain the same ongoing. 

# 1 > 6

Click on conversions
-> Click 'Persistent' from the sub menu
Click 'View' on the 'IMAGES' row (Missing & Misspelled)

# 2 > 7

Here is where you will upload your images. Click "Choose File" to select a file from your computer

# 3 > 8

Select the file you wish to add, and click the "Choose" button

# 4 > 9

Click "Upload" to add the image

# 5 > 10

Now you can add the missing images in the "Missing Angles". Repeat the same steps as before (#7: click "Choose File" etc.)

This concludes the normal useage. The following steps are for advanced use only.

# 6 > 11 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

To add different size versions for the images you have uploaded, click "Images"->"Image Conversions"

# 7 > 12 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

Click "Add"

# 8 > 13 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

Add a name for the version, and the dimensions you wish to use (e.g "200" for 200 pixels)

# 9 > 14 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

After adding the different sizes, click "Images"->"Folders"

# 10 > 15 (ADVANCED: Change image conversion sizes)

Click "View" 

# 11 > 16 (ADVANCED: Manually process CDN)

After all images have been uploaded, click "Images" - > "Process CDN"

# 12 > 17 (ADVANCED: Manually process CDN)

The images have now been processed

# 13 > 1

Click "Conversions" then "Add"

# 14 > 2 (ADVANCED: Settings)
  • Add a name
  • Set Template to: "Missing & Misspelled"
  • Filename: Write 'newest'
  • Conversion Variation: Write in the division/season (from the column you marked as 'division' in the CSV)
  • Image base: Write in the site's URL
  • Specify the row for the starting date as per the current spreadsheet (usually this is  will be row#2 as the title is row #1)

Leave everything else as is, and click "Submit" at the bottom

# 15 > 3 (ADVANCED: Settings)

Click "Assign" 

# 16 > 4 (ADVANCED: Settings)

Use the dropdowns to assign the raw data to the required fields

# 17 > 5 (ADVANCED: Settings)

After clicking the "SAVE" button, click one of the dropdowns to make sure none of the remaining items have an asterisk beside them.

For example: Product name should read as "productName" and not "*productName"


If everything looks good, click "Persistent" at the top